Do you want to learn how to live accordingly to the cycles and embrace the moonchild in you?

Every woman experiences different physical symptoms, mood swings, and energy levels during each Menstrual Cycle. Some even feel a special tie and synchronicity with the Moon Phases!

The Menstrual Moon Chart is intended to help you understand your body and emotions better. You can track yourself by colouring or taking notes. And become more aware of how the different phases of your own cycle and the moon impact you daily!

What menstrual symptoms are you experiencing?
How are you feeling? Energised? Happy? Anxious?

You can discover a lot about yourself on this journey and it ends being funny!

Are you ready to flow with your body wisdom?

Waning Moon Bundle

  • This is a downloadable file. No physical product will be sent.

  • COLORING: Digital A4 Menstrual Moon Chart. Create your colour guide for the phases of the menstrual cycle, your emotions and physical sensations and fill in your map.


    JOURNALING: Digital A4 Menstrual Moon Chart. Write down in the map your menstrual phases, your physical symptoms and emotions.