You’re no LESS because of your STORY

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

I could tell you a pretty story about a girl that overcome her traumas and fears. I could tell you that tomorrow everything will be all right. That everything will pass in a whisper of wind. But I’d be lying to you. And I know how I’d love that someone had brought that honesty when I was in your place of the picture. Because I can’t simply tell you this story without talking about the panic, the chaos, the loss of control. Without mentioning what hurts very deeply inside and destroys the corners of our souls.

Because HEALING takes TIME.

So, maybe you hate to be in places with lots of people; Maybe you feel a heavy pressure on your chest; Maybe you run out of the air in dead-end situations; Maybe you feel that everyone is looking at you on the bus; Maybe you want to be invisible sometimes; Maybe you live in a tragical rollercoaster of thoughts; Maybe you want to run from what you feel; Maybe you plan conversations the day before; Maybe you try to control everything is happening around you; Maybe some memories make you cry; Maybe some flashback takes you into panic attacks; Maybe you hate yourself for being like this;

Maybe you feel useless and stuck; An incurable emptiness within you.

Know you’re not alone!

That together we can make it through.

It might take some time. You won’t heal until next week and you might not heal in the next month or year. But you WILL. And that’s the thought that you must stick to in this messy crazy self-journey! Take your time. No one is running after you. Healing already asks a lot from your strength. Don’t repress your emotions. I know you do it to stay sane, but although It may help you today, it can destroy you long term.

You can’t overcome something you avoid to see. You overcome by facing it. Closing your eyes to reality won’t make it vanish, but learning how to look at it will help you living with it instead of surviving.

Embrace the good and bad, the light and the dark, the peaceful and the chaos. Because that’s all part of who you are. Let it all flow within you. That is one of the deepest acts of self-care you can take.

Be mindful of what you feel. Look for help if you need to. Talk with someone you feel comfortable with. Write down your feelings. Express your emotions. Surround yourself with a safe environment. Find ways that make you feel comfortable, happy, fulfilled; And be patient with yourself beautiful soul.

You’re stronger than you think!

I know that today this might sound like a mirage for you, but one day your own company will taste like magic, your flaws will feel like superpowers! You’ll embrace yourself in a whole. You’ll wake up grateful for being alive.

Know the most important in this journey is not only the endpoint because that is going to make you feel frustrated. Know this is a process with ups and dows! And it doesn't matter when you arrive. It matters you're walking to it. It matters you're starting today. You're starting now. It matters you're doing your very best every day. That you're fighting for becoming a better version of yourself.

Value your achievements today. Celebrate each battle won!

Know there’s nothing wrong with you.

That you are worthy as you are.

That you're beautiful as you are.

That what you feel doesn't make you be less that others or strange.

And although it seems that you're broken in pieces, know that you are already a WHOLE.

With flaws but unique. Damaged but strong.

You just need to figure out how to awaken your soul to the bright light you have;

How to connect; To learn how to love yourself better. It's starting today. It’s starting now!

You’re no less because of your Trauma, PTSD or Anxiety story.

You’re already a force of nature for facing it today.

You should be proud of you because of it!

Because I am.


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