Why are we all so afraid of endings?

We are all so afraid of dying maybe because of the exact, same reason as we are all so afraid to love - because we fear endings. But, what's life but a constant end? That's exactly the reason why we should be passionate about life. Not because it lasts, but because it ends.

Now imagine if everything you love vanishes tomorrow, how would you feel? How would you remember those things? Would you miss them? How much thinking about it makes you change the perspective of the actions you've taken, or taking right now? Would you change anything? It's incredible that when we stop to ask these questions, we feel so different. Sometimes it's as if a new sparkle is added to things; Like a phosphor that is about to go out, but then you rekindle it. And suddenly, you feel tremendous gratitude for having them - Sometimes we just have to reignite our memories too. It's kind of funny to notice how our minds are built to adapt to stuff. And because of that, we tend to forget the value of things over time; We forget how excited we were the first day we had it; We forget how we used to feel. That's why experiences have a bigger impact on our well-being rather than things - Exactly because they are ephemeral; Exactly because we miss them; Because we don't have time to get sick of them because they fade and you can't make them the same twice. Imagine: A phone is the same today and tomorrow, and so is a car, but some things will not be repeatable, not equally, like trips, your first kiss or the day you graduated; This unrepeatability is what makes them really special. We are all so afraid of dying because of the exact, same reason as we are all so afraid of love - because we fear endings. But you know what? Perhaps we should love endings, make them an excuse to live rather than an excuse to give up. Endings exist to show us how beautiful life can be. Like that book, movie or series that finished and leaves with that nostalgic feeling - and that's good; That's why life per se ends - Not to end with beauty, but to keep it valuable. Therefore, maybe we should live more while dying a little bit every day; Maybe we should be living everything more mindfully, more deeply; We should be more kind, more patient, more understanding; Maybe we should remember moments more often like it's the last days of our lives; Because every day we are closer to the end, but if we appreciate it, maybe we will be a bit closer to making it count.


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