We all grow up differently, and it's ok.

During your life, you'll meet people at different life stages. People who remain standing in beliefs that you've already left; People who will repeat the same mistakes you've already made. You'll meet people who are stuck in the dark of their thoughts because they haven't allowed themselves to see brighter; People with such a high spiritual level that you can only feel warmness in their's surroundings.

During your life, you will meet people at different life stages; And that's because each of us is walking on a unique path of self-discovery; On a road of self-development.

Every day comes with a revolutionary lesson. The finding of a new layer of our mind and soul; and nobody is ready for today nor the morning after, but we all want to be here; we all want to get there; We all want this opportunity to create an improved version of who we are.

If every people's lives were a ladder to climb, each step would be painted in a different colour, and all the stairs would be unmatched. But isn't that the magic of being alive? Isn't it in the differences, that lays the source of evolution?

Life's path isn't equal to everyone; We all grow up differently, and it's ok. We all are atoms that change their shaping; That born and dye; Run and flow at different rates. We aren't stationary but in a constant state of motion!

Most of the world's judgment arises from our lack of recognition that we all have different rhythms; That we all have different ways of growing, of living, of seeing things. Most of the world's judgment stems from this latent difficulty in accepting what comes out of the ''common''; In this intransigence in leaving our comfort zone because we are too afraid of falling.

We need more tolerance. Give more space for each person to bloom; More space for each person to grow at their own pace; Because life becomes lighter when we respect the other's stages, the other's layers, the other's options, the other's choices. Because after all, we are made of the same. We are all connected.

There's space for everybody, and we can all contribute in unique ways. We can create beautiful flower fields if we stick together. Just allow yourself and others to be - Live through kindness, through solidarity, opportunity, understanding and respect. Those are the foundations to build a better world.

Respect and love, it costs nothing and it changes everything!

After all, we're all in this land field together.


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