Overflowing feelings - being a highly sensitive person.

Sometimes, there's a sadness that overflows in us for no reason; we need to throw a pillow over the room, cry because yes, wear some harsh expressions on our faces for a while. Life's not perfect, and neither are we. So it's okay to feel sad from time to time; It's okay to have these crazy mood cycles, to feel things that we can't explain.

Being human beings gives us the conscience to go further, to feel more. But sometimes it leads us to over-analyze everything that surrounds us, especially what we feel inside.

Sometimes, we think that being human is the wisdom of knowing more by thinking everything; and we forget that knowledge exists not only in thoughts but in feelings too. We forget that the most liberating essence of our existence is, in fact, in observation.

The truth is that we don't always need to analyze, to rationalize, to draw conclusions, to find a physical or a practical answer. Sometimes, we just need more spiritual clarity. We just need to fly over what we are, to feel what we are, to observe within ourselves; and sometimes, this is where we end finding the best answers.

And yes, we get overwhelmed pretty often - With the sensation that we feel too much to such tiny bodies; and because of that, sometimes we want to scream. We want to run. We want to cry - And it's okay.

It's alright to feel the happiness, the sadness, the fear, the anger - all the emotions. You're not weak for having feelings. You're a sensitive being. You're not made of iron or steel, you're made of bones and skin - and like us all, you can break too. You're human.

So don't be mad at you for feeling ''too much''.

Because that's what makes you special.

That's what makes you a unique being.

That's what makes you who you are.


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